emeraldmoonbykim on Etsy!!

Good morning Peeps!

Soooo…I’ve been (just) managing to juggle work, home and creative output…and have now set up my Etsy shop…emeraldmoonbykim…where all of my Vegan clothing and accessories can be purchased.

I’ve also been able to put images and text onto this site…so a definite breakthrough this week!

Today I’m sorting out materials in preparation for next week’s workshop at Crafty Sew and So, St Martin’s,  Leicester (Saturday 28th January 2017 2pm to 5pm) where students will be making a printed and embellished panel to go onto a messenger bag (similar to the pink bag in the accessories section of this site). Hoping to post pics on my blog of the students working on their panels. The bag making workshops and jacket making workshops commence 11th February 2017 so look out for these on Crafty Sew and So website.

In terms of ‘work in progress’ I’ve almost completed another jacket…Vegan of course…using hand dyed suit-weight linen with 100% cotton lining and wooden buttons…the linen is a lovely mossy green that has been created using a unique combination of dying methods…the lining is burnt orange…pics will go on the site through weekend.

Also working on a lovely linen ‘Morris Blazer’ in an indigo blue shade…should also be on site this weekend.

In terms of textile art development, the project I’m currently working upon is informed by genealogy of the female line of my family which spans back to Marston Trussell. This village sits on Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border…This is definitely a slow work in progress but I’ll post images as and when they emerge!


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