Good Morning (Vegan) World!

Still trying to find my way around this warren otherwise know as ‘WordPress’…please bear with me….grrrrr (does ‘bear’ impersonation!)

‘Emerald Moon: Creative and Wearable Textiles’…a site where everything is vegan friendly….no materials of animal origin…so no wool or silk…..and nothing made from the robbed webs of spiders!!

Sooo, this ‘first blog post’…where to begin?? As you can see by the images in my ‘gallery’ I’ve definitely been busy these past months but only just plucked up enough courage to display and, hopefully, sell my work (and I’ve never kept a blog before, or diary, or journal, so this is well new to me…so here we go…and there you go…)

Today will see me setting up an Etsy account, a Folksy account, a new Facebook Page named ‘Emerald Moon: Creative and Wearable Textiles’ and a new Instagram account…yup, I’ll end up with square eyes from staring at the computer screen for so long…but hey, it is what it is, what it is!!!

Also need to develop a logo…and get on with the sewing!

How often to blog?? Who knows?? Anyway…the journey starts here in ‘sunny’ Leicester, UK…Sees ya l8r!

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